Moore Bond For The Money

His name was Moore, Roger Moore, and he died today. I spent my moviegoing childhood with him, and it's terribly sad at the moment to think he's not alive anymore. He wasn't my first Bond, and [...]

Feelin’ Fidgety?

Ever since I was a kid, I've been playing with Silly Putty. A random flip through a photo album or two will reveal shots of me with putty in my hand. I wasn't a press-it-onto-the comics [...]

Happy Mother’s Day!

Here at Today's Dad, we think a father and a dad are two different things. What we mean is, all it takes to be a father is to have a child. But showing up for [...]

What’s Happening In Dadhood Today

Teaching his son a powerful lesson Bradley Howard is a Texas high school football player who has a problem. He talks a lot during his physics class, so much so that his teacher emailed his father, [...]