Ferdinand Movie Coming

One of the children's bedtime books is The Story of Ferdinand by Munro Leaf. Kids got it read to them countless times, and I'm sure those kids have grown up and have read it to [...]

Moonlight and Dadhood

What makes a man a dad? Having a child? No. That just makes him a father. What makes a man a dad is raising a child. Taking responsibility for that human being. Guiding and steering [...]

“Wimpy Kid” Author is No Wimpy Dad

Seems to me that if you’re a man who writes mega-successful kids’ books, you must know a thing or two about being a good dad. If nothing else, you have to know how to relate [...]

Raiders of the Lost Childhood

Part of the joy of being a dad is reliving moments of your childhood with your kids. This afternoon, I took my son Jeremy to see Raiders of the Lost Ark on the big screen. I saw [...]

5 Great Dad Movies

My dad introduced me to James Bond. Even though Roger Moore was my first Bond, to me Sean Connery will always be the best. Once I saw Live and Let Die, my dad took me [...]