Little-Known Hollywood Couple Has Twins

George Clooney, known for his work in ER, Ocean's 11 (and 12 and 13), and a host of other films, and his wife Amal, a powerhouse lawyer, have welcomed twins Alexander and Ella, born in London [...]

Moore Bond For The Money

His name was Moore, Roger Moore, and he died today. I spent my moviegoing childhood with him, and it's terribly sad at the moment to think he's not alive anymore. He wasn't my first Bond, and [...]

Ferdinand Movie Coming

One of the children's bedtime books is The Story of Ferdinand by Munro Leaf. Kids got it read to them countless times, and I'm sure those kids have grown up and have read it to [...]

Moonlight and Dadhood

What makes a man a dad? Having a child? No. That just makes him a father. What makes a man a dad is raising a child. Taking responsibility for that human being. Guiding and steering [...]