The 50 Best Places to Work for New Dads

Netflix offers 52 weeks of paid paternity leave for salaried employees and 16 weeks for hourly employees. Etsy offers 26 weeks. Spotify offers 24. American Express offers 20. And Facebook offers 17. These companies are in [...]

Book Excerpt: Notes From A Developing Dad

Dadhood is often a make-it-up-as-you-go adventure. It's trial and error and doing it again better next time. A new book by Joe Medler, Notes from a Developing Dad, chronicles his own adventures raising two boys. [...]

Is Being a Stay-At-Home Dad For You?

As an at-home dad (AHD) who works a few part-time jobs two or three nights a week, I can tell you that no paying job is as rewarding as being an at-home parent. Becoming an [...]

What Does It Mean To Be A Man In Today’s World?

Join the Conversation at The Nantucket Project's Father's Forum Around our office, one frequent topic is the link between the changing face of fatherhood and the new definition of masculinity. That there is a link is clear. [...]

Book Excerpt: The More You Hustle, The Luckier You Get

There are two million stay-at-home dads in the United States today. But staying at home doesn't mean doing nothing but caring for kids. Many stay-at-home dads have successful businesses. One, James Oliver, created WeMontage, which lets you [...]

Birth Day

September 22, 1984: The air in the room is heavy, suffocating, moist. We are on the second floor of a 100-year-old house near downtown Eugene, Oregon. There is a small wooden sign on the patch [...]