Check out the massive steel spider outside. And the very large dog whose metal cost shimmers purple some days, blue others. And the very tall robot. And the food trucks. And the very very long line of adults and kids waiting to get in.

Into what? Meow Wolf. Yes, you read that right. Meow Wolf. Part immersive art installation, part interactive, creative, colorful, dayglo mind-bender, Meow Wolf is one of Santa Fe’s leading experiences for families. Drop $20 for an adult ticket and $14 for kids, and you walk into 20,000 square feet of cavernous spaces where nothing is quite what it seems to be.

There’s a shipwreck in there somewhere, and scores of very strange experiences, such as the room you crawl into and lie down, only to see dozens of huge glowing eyeballs staring down at you. Or the room where you can strum red-laser strings to make music. Or the game room that has vintage video games you can play for free. Or the room where everything looks like a black-and-whit drawing.

There’s also a house in there. That’s right: a house. Roam around inside. It’s fully furnished, and there’s stuff in all the drawers and on every surface. Photo albums, say, and the various detritus of the people who might have lived there. It looks like the place was abandoned, and now it’s yours to snoop in. You can walk into (and through!) the fridge into a stark white room where color has long since died. And beyond it, there’s a mad party of color everywhere else.

Get ready for endless steps and walkways and little corridors that force you to get lost before you get found.

Where did this place come from? Well, the space was originally a bowling alley, and Game of Thrones creator George R.R. Martin bought it for the Meow Wolf folks. Now it’s one of the most popular destinations in Santa Fe, which is known for anything but this kind of experience.

Meow Wolf has been compared to Pee Wee’s Playhouse, and while that might be accurate, Meow Wolf actually feels much more sinister, much darker and twisted, as if someone poked around inside the head of Ryan Murphy, creator of American Horror Story, and chose all the twistiest bits to create a world for them to live in…a world you get to explore.

Meow Wolf is weird. And creepy. And enthralling. Sometimes all at the same instant. You and your kids are going to have a ball.

—Tony Buchsbaum