Here at Today’s Dad, we think a father and a dad are two different things. What we mean is, all it takes to be a father is to have a child. But showing up for that child is what makes us a dad. We tend to think of our kids as the people who make us dads. And while that’s true, there’s a bit more to the story.

After all, while it’s certainly our kids who make us a dad, the person who made it possible for us to be a father is our kids’ mother.

So this Sunday, be sure to take a moment or two (or more) and tell your kids’ mother how much she matters to you, to them, and how special she makes your life. Do it if you’re married, do it if you’re divorced, do it long-distance or right next door. Just do it. It’ll make you feel good. And even more important, it’ll make her feel good.

—Tony Buchsbaum