In an interview with The Australian, Russell Brand, the actor who starred in Despicable Me, the remake of Arthur, and Rock of Ages, among other films, and who was once married to Katy Perry, says fatherhood is more satisfying than fame, sex, and drugs.

He and his wife, Laura Gallacher, welcomed Mabel into their lives last November and spoke about the differences.

“Fame,” he said, “means a version of you exists that is not you. Drugs take you out of yourself. Sex takes you out of yourself. They’re all sort of transcendent. Fatherhood, literally another person comes out of you and is of you.”

Like other new dads, Brand is already seeing how absorbing it is to care for a child. The responsibilities pile up fast, but even faster are the singular joys. He said that fame is bewildering—and seven months into fatherhood, he’s no doubt learning that being a dad is a little bit bewildering as well. But also, of course, endlessly satisfying.

—Tony Buchsbaum

Photo credit: Vanity Fair