Netflix offers 52 weeks of paid paternity leave for salaried employees and 16 weeks for hourly employees. Etsy offers 26 weeks. Spotify offers 24. American Express offers 20. And Facebook offers 17.

These companies are in the top five of the 50 best companies in the United States for new dads to work, according to the website Fatherly in its third annual ranking. The number of paid paternity weeks off is just one aspect of their rankings, however. Another key element is each companies’ policies regarding parenting, policies that affect not just dads but moms too.

Netflix, for example, offers unlimited vacation. Employees must still do their job—and, one assumes, do it well—but the policy is there, making for lots of potential family time. American Express offers up to $35,000 for employees who adopt, use a surrogate, or undergo fertility treatments. Similarly, Facebook offers employees $20,000 toward sperm retrieval, egg freezing, and surrogacy. And Spotify has a Focus On Fatherhood program that offers dad-centric activities and a Fatherhood Breakfast Series where executives and leadership work with employees to help manage their work-life balance.

All of this is just the tip of the dadberg. The other companies in the top ten include Twitter, VMware, Bank of America, Patagonia, and Deloitte. Number 50 is Fannie Mae, which offers only four weeks of paid paternity leave but features on-site childcare.

Gentlemen, start your résumés.

—Tony Buchsbaum