Join the Conversation at The Nantucket Project’s Father’s Forum

Around our office, one frequent topic is the link between the changing face of fatherhood and the new definition of masculinity. That there is a link is clear. While yesterday’s dads were content to win the bread and let moms run the house and manage the kids, today’s dads want to win bread and help decide how to spend it (and their time) at home. They want to be there with their kids, not just for them. Some have said that this means men are finally (and increasingly) getting in touch with their feminine side—but that seems too pat.
The Nantucket Project, founded by Tom Scott, the man behind Nantucket Nectars, is looking into this. The Project gathers the world’s greatest thinkers to tackle questions like this one. In its year-long series, the Fathers’ Forum, they have brought together top clinical psychologists to facilitate conversations with dads about many of the most pressing questions and issues in their houses. The forum has parsed a range of subjects including understanding the teenage brain, nurturing one’s marriage, resilience and grit in your teenager’s life, alcohol and depression in teens, consumerism and technology in kids lives, and defining one’s legacy.
On April 22nd at the Nantucket Project Library in Greenwich, CT, the Fatherhood Forum will closely examine what “being a man” in today’s world really is—and how the role of a man/husband/father is dramatically different now versus how it was in our dad’s generation.
Dan Brenner, a licensed psychologist who has practiced for over 25 years working with adolescents and their families (and currently the superintendent of the Darien Public Schools), will lead the conversation. It’s open to the public, and it promises to be a fascinating discussion that will surface some interesting answers.
Get more details and register here.
—Tony Buchsbaum