One of the children’s bedtime books is The Story of Ferdinand by Munro Leaf. Kids got it read to them countless times, and I’m sure those kids have grown up and have read it to their own kids just as countlessly.

Now the ultra-creative folks behind Ice Age and Rio have made a Ferdinand movie, and there’s a nifty trailer. It looks really great. It doesn’t come out until December, so this is a genuine tease.

On top of animation that looks beautiful and rich and colorful (the book was all black-ink drawings), the trailer shows enhancements to the story with messages about having the courage to be who you are even though your appearance makes people think you’re something altogether different. Can’t tell a book (or a bull, for that matter) by its cover and all that.

A good message for kids of all ages, even without a movie to say so.

—Tony Buchsbaum